How Literacy Impacts a Community’s Economic Value – Episode One

Reading, arithmetic and writing skills have long been core requisites for getting a decent education and securing a good job. The three go hand in hand as there is no writing without the ability to read; neither can one decipher numeracy problems if they are unable to read. Furthermore, employers require workers to at least be able to read and understand an employee guidebook, write legible notes to a supervisor with proper subject and verb agreement as well as accurately count items for a client’s order.

The truth is that the most impoverished communities are often those with a high percentage of illiterate adults. Testament to this is an annual survey in 2012 ranking Washington DC as the most literate city in America, while Long Beach California was ranked the most illiterate city in the country. Closer examination revealed that Washington DC had a per capita GDP of $73,461 and a per capita income of $45,000. Conversely, Long Beach California had a per capita GDP of $59,092 and a per capita income of $27,040.

Clearly, the literacy levels in these cities had a direct impact on the value of their economy. I believe that improving literacy levels among youth is a must if communities have an earnest desire to boost their economy, and our Little Flower literacy project is a great starting point.

Studies by the College Entrance Examination Board indicate that students who participated in music production, acting, drama appreciation scored an average of 31-50 points higher in verbal sections and math.

The Little Flower Project, which employs storytelling and components of artistic media as a stimulus for developing literacy and performance skills in Middle School Children, promotes the idea that art is the answer. Artistic media included in the project’s ventures include: paint, sculpture, film, literature, transmedia, performing arts, photography and music.

Improving literacy is the way forward for communities who want to boost their local economy, and the Little Flower International Cultural Art project offers the perfect launch pad for achieving this. Invest in the youth of today for a solid and secure future tomorrow by giving the gift of Little Flower.

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