The Prettiest Pearls Inc. of Houston are Partners of Little Flower

Little Flower is a proud partner of The Prettiest Pearls Inc. of Houston, Texas. The Prettiest Pearls Book Club, led by Ms. Paula Dean, and to referred to as  “The P3 Experience,” began reading “Where Little Flower Got Her Power – A Little Flower Novelette,” during their monthly meeting on Saturday, September 26, 2015.


The Prettiest Pearls Inc. is a 501(c) 3 Nonprofit Organization founded by Mrs. Sharon Baker. The organization is designed to assist young ladies in enhancing and enriching their lives. The primary goal is to achieve positive results from any challenges or situations that may arise in their lives. Prettiest Pearls strongly believe that 90% of how one reacts to adversity will determine the success of the outcome. Prettiest Pearls believe that “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance”, and strive to implement this in every area of their lives. Prettiest Pearl Girls are taught skills that are used with practical application with a faith-based empowerment.

A Prettiest Pearls has Potential
A Prettiest Pearls has Endurance
A Prettiest Pearls are Available for growth in all areas
A Prettiest Pearls promotes Reliability because her word is her bond
A Prettiest Pearls shows Love because it is the greatest gift
A Prettiest Pearls displays her Self-worth because she was created by the original maker

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