Little Flower Author’s Visit/Where Little Flower Got Her Power Book Reading

20160219_114138 20160219_114051 20160219_114229Houston, Texas. Awesome time today with approximately 400 – 3rd, 4th and 5th graders at North Shore Elementary School in Houston, TX. Little Flower and I presented and animatedly read to each grade-level separately and we weren’t even tired. The Teachers were awesome, Students well behaved and highly engaging, Parents generously supported financially, Administration gave a thoughtful gift, and my special LUNCH was delicious! Homegirl-Mrs. Tonya Martin-Murphy … You Rock! Thank You! Yes! Little Flower and I will return whenever you like…👍🏽


3 thoughts on “Little Flower Author’s Visit/Where Little Flower Got Her Power Book Reading

  1. Teacher, Mrs.Tonya Martin-Murphy: “Absolutely fantastic! Had the students completely engaged. They wanted more! Please come back soon!”

  2. Teacher, Mrs. Terri Walding: “My class & I enjoyed having you at our school today. I hope you do get a chance to come back. One of my students took your book to recess because she couldn’t stop reading it. Thank you for sparking a love for reading in our students.”

  3. Teacher, Mrs. Christian Vaughn: “We really loved Dr. Bell-Griffin. I loved the concept of her book series. I think it is a really fun and creative way to teach very important values to students. I also really liked her reading from her book. The story kept the students interested and engaged because it was so relatable to them. I think Dr. Bell-Griffin has a possible empire on her hands and she should keep up the amazing work!”

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