KWANZAA Observances in Texas

The Little Flower Vignettes -Story Behind The Story book included in KWANZAA Observances in Texas.

KWTX News Video: The Little Flower Vignettes -Story Behind The Story Book included in KWANZAA Observances in Texas. Thank you Author and Artist Wanda Gunter for your support of Little Flower®. The Vignettes book was part of Mrs. Gunter’s presentation for Kwanzaa on last night. She was one of the presenters discussing ways to preserve family history creatively. Thank You Very Much! I am honored that The Little Flower Vignettes story of the original Little Flower was included.
According to the report, “Know Thyself 101 instructor, Wanda Gunter, helps the students involved find that, gathering pictures and family sentiments with one goal in mind. You see yourself as a part of history and then you start living your life in a way that helps you preserve history,” she said.”–discover-family-history-for-Kwanzaa-408719515.html


KWANZAA Exhibit by Author/Artist Wanda Gunter

Author/Artist Wanda Gunter (above and below)


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