“Flowers Talk To Me” A Little Flower Animation Series Intro based on The Language of Flowers

I’m excited to share a 27 second snippet of our Little Flower presents “Flowers Talk to Me” Proof of Concept 2D cartoon animated video.

A four minute mini episode of this snippet video is part of a pitch for an educational entertainment series for networks. “The Language of Flowers,” a Victorian book illustrated in the early 1900s by Kate Greenaway, provided the flower imagery and inspiration.

The cartoon series platform is one of several platforms utilized to tell the Little Flower story using a Transmedia storytelling approach.

The original story is found in three fictional Little Flower Novelettes. All are components of the Little Flower Literacy Project @ www.littleflowerartist.com.

The Novelettes were inspired by my book, The Little Flower Novelettes-Story Behind The Story published in 2014.

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