Art Doll Master Jack Johnston


Jack Johnston

Mr. Jack Johnston and his Lifetime Achievement Award (2014)

Artist Statement

“Where we are born isn’t our choice, but what we become is. Loving and nurturing parents, education and a faith-based life determines what we do with our choices. Healthy and wise choices coupled with education, faith and good works become the guiding influence to a worthy life.

Children from around the world are our future. The future of our children should be our primary responsibility. Children from Africa to China and from South to North America are in our charge. It isn’t the privilege and joy of man that fuels our fire and responsibility for a prosperous world, but the future of our children and their children. The circle of life starts at birth and ends at birth.”

The preceding artist statement from world renowned Professional Art Doll Maker and 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Jack Johnston, set the stage for the Little Flower Project.

The founder of Johnston Original Art Dolls is also the originator of the Florita Bell Griffin’s Little Flower-Children of The World storytelling concept. Mr. Johnston and  Apprentice Karen Baker, sculpted the Little Flower and Children of The World Original Art Doll Collection.


Mr. Johnston sculpting Children of The World Art Doll     “Little Flower”


Jack 1

Mr. Johnston sculpting Children of The World Art Doll “Mayu” from (Japan)