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Hello, and welcome to the home of Little Flower®!  I am Florita Bell Griffin, PhD., Director of Operations and Creative Services at ARC Communications, LLC. and Creator and Executive Producer of the Little Flower® brand.  Functional illiteracy in youth and its link to the economic stability of communities deeply concerns me. As an Urban and Regional Scientist, I am focused on analytical approaches to problems that are specifically urban, rural, and regional in nature. Current investments in literacy modalities are necessary for building a solid and secure future. Twenty-first century technological advances in digital communications present a way forward for individuals, organizations, and communities that want to address literacy issues.

ARC Communications, LLC. began developing The Little Flower Literacy Project in 2013, as a prototype of a literacy rich venture to address the need for improved literacy options for youth audiences.  Little Flower®, which derives its name from the Spanish word – Florita, incorporates six of the top ten literacies in current education.

Little Flower® uses storytelling and components of artistic media as a stimulus for developing literacy and performance skills, while fostering self-esteem, confidence, vision, diversity, and imagination in children from around the world. The various literacies included as part of the Little Flower® brand include: Foundational, Digital, Media, Visual, Game, and Civic & Ethical, delivered using painting, sculpture, film, books, study guides, reader response journals, curriculum, performing arts, photography, music, and games.

“The Little Flower Artist Movie” (short film) is the newest addition to the Little Flower® family of literacy deliverables. The LFA Movie is included in the Green Bay and NYC Animation/Animate 2018 Film Festivals. Also, the LFA Movie was selected by the 2018 & 2019 KIDS FIRST! Film Festival, which is the world’s largest film festival for kids. The KIDS FIRST! Film Festival is a project of the 25-year-old, national nonprofit Coalition for Quality Children’s Media.

The Little Flower® brand is proactively seeking opportunities to engage in youth literacy initiatives with like-minded organizations, as well as brand licensing.  Again, thank you for stopping by, and please contact us via the contact page for further information.


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