Little Flower Supplemental Educational Opportunities and Review

HOLLA-Little Flower 1” It is an inspiration to me as I experience growth as a teacher, while I watch the children flourish as excited readers. Little Flower has POWER!” ______Mrs. Johnie Pettiford, North Carolina Teacher and (Summer Reading Teacher at HOLLA! 

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Little Flower® offers various learning products for  before and after-school programs, Vacation Bible Schools, Faith-based Theatre, Winter Literacy Camps, Summer Camps, and other programs whose mission supports language arts, art, youth development, character education and anti-bullying initiatives. The series targets youth ages 8-12 with emphasis on African American, Hispanic, Low Socioeconomic, and LEP (Limited English Proficiency) subgroups.

Aligned to National Common Core Standards, Little Flower Novelettes, Study Guides and Reader Response Journals are ideal for schools, programs that provide before and after-school, weekend, and summer school academic enrichment opportunities for children attending low-performing schools.  In addition to being interesting, stimulating and relevant, Little Flower serves as a reading igniter for children that can help them meet local and state academic standards.

Little Flower would be a good fit for:  Boys and Girls Clubs, 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Local Education Agencies (LEAs), non-profit agencies, and faith-based organizations.

Little Flower was piloted as a summer reading program at the Helping Our Loved Ones Learn And Achieve (HOLLA!) Community Development Corporation in Morven, NC, during Summer 2015, and was a huge success. The summer program was designed and facilitated by Mrs. Johnie Pettiford.

Little Flower® Learning Tools

The Little Flower Novelettes- Books One, Two and Three

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Book One: “Where Little Flower Got Her Power”

In the opening chapter of Where Little Flower Got Her Power, Little Flower finds herself in BIG TROUBLE. Soli, Little Flower’s new friend is bullied at school because of her physical disability. Little Flower stands up for Soli, but the adults don’t approve of the way she does it. This book paints pictures with words while telling the story of what led up to Little Flower’s decision to stand up for her friend, and how she turns her trouble into something good.


Book Two: “How Little Flower Got Her Power And Almost Lost It”

It’s a new school year, and Little Flower is still working to help stop bullying. Growing up during the Civil Rights Movement, Little Flower is an activist in her own right. She finds out more and more of her friends are bullied for one reason or another, and wants to set things right for them. At the same time, Little Flower is having struggles of her own – with the vicious crocodile known as MATH! Her Daddy and Mom bring in a tutor, and what a tutor he is! From her new tutor, Little Flower learns how important it is to just be herself, and how she can harness that individuality to help her do all sorts of things.

Book Three: “Little Flower Conquers The World…Almost”

In the opening chapter of Little Flower Conquers The World…Almost, Little Flower is a big celebrity! One of her paintings is a finalist in the All City Youth Art Contest, and she is just as proud as can be. The story weaves us through the process of Little Flower growing older and wiser as she learns that MATH isn’t so bad after all. You just have to understand it. Similar to the first two Little Flower Novelettes, this one teaches children of all ages, as well as adults, about the importance of respecting themselves and others, while never giving up on their dreams.

Little Flower Novelette Study Guides – Books One, Two and Three

3D Study GuidesLittle Flower Study Guides are designed to aid teachers and parents in helping students to glean the maximum level of educational value from the narrative after reading each Little Flower Novelette. The supplemental material can aid in developing curricula around this text, promote reading and strengthen the student’s critical thinking skills.

Little Flower Novelette Reader Response Journals – Books One, Two and Three

3D RR JournalsLittle Flower Reader Response Journals provide a repository for the collection of thoughts and perceptions of the reader. The underlying theory that supports the reader response journal promotes the idea that the reader brings something of importance to the story. Each reader has the ability to extract different interpretations from the texts, because of the reader’s unique set of thoughts and experiences. In fact, the theory suggests that every reader acts as an agent in bringing “real existence” to the story.


Little Flower Novelette Children’s Plays – Books One, Two and Three

3D Stage PlaysIdeal For faith-based organizations. Little Flower Children’s Play scripts are creative adaptations of the Little Flower Novelettes, and can be used for theatrical exercises and/or learning aids. The plays make the Novelettes more vivid, and have built-in strategies to help students improve their reading skills. The plays also lend themselves to teaching those who learn by doing. The acting out of dialogue causes readers to work more closely with the text, and gain more from the reading experience.

This product is ideal for faith-based audiences due to the cultural heritage, storylines and stage settings.

Little Flower Lyric 4 “Change The World” Soundtrack

change-the-world-cd-koThe Little Flower Lyric 4 “Change The World” Soundtrack is a fun and creative addition to the Little Flower Novelette Curriculum Development Guide (CDG) Packages.

The soundtrack entertains rap music-loving children, while guiding their young hearts and minds towards good citizenship, high academic pursuits and creative success.