Game/App Demonstration Videos

The Little Flower Block Mobile Game is an extension of the three Little Flower Novelettes where Little Flower constantly refers to her love of flowers, as well as her fascination with their meanings. As shared in the Novelettes, Little Flower learns about flowers and their meanings from a book, given to her by her mother titled, “The Language of Flowers”  by Kate Greenaway.

Game One: Little Flower Block 

In the Little Flower Block Mobile Game, Little Flower needs your help collecting and grouping the flowers…In A Hurry! Each flower is assigned a number and the game’s objective is to add as many flowers as possible to the gallery as fast as you can. Click two or more of the same flowers to align them. Once you get three of the same flowers in a row, that flower is automatically added to your gallery, and it’s assigned number added to your score. Your score is determined by the sum total of your numbers at game expiration.


Game Two: Little Flower Butterflies

Little Flower Butterflies’ educational component is inspired by the natural process of pollination in which butterflies are attracted to the color of flowers when they hunt nectar. In this process they collect pollen on their body and legs as they search for food.

The Little Flower animation voice belongs to Ebony Griffin.


**Note: Little Flower game apps are being updated, please check later for FREE DOWNLOADS