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Little Flower Dream World in Minecraft 


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Little Flower® is an energetic little girl with a HUGE imagination and a strong LOVE for ART and FLOWERS. In the Little Flower Novelettes (historically accurate storybooks), Little Flower does a lot of things and dreams big dreams.

The Little Flower Dream World in Minecraft (virtual world) originally began as a creative outlet for the Little Flower Project Creative Director. As the virtual world expanded and took on a life of its own, developers agreed that the phenomenal creative experience might help young readers better visualize Little Flower’s story and dreams, as well as inspire and encourage them to build their own.

Little Flower in Minecraft is not a part of the Little Flower Line of Products. Minecraft is a video game owned by the Mojang and Microsoft Corporations. Little Flower in Minecraft has been developed in accordance with the current Minecraft End User License Agreement.

If used as a pedagogy teaching tool, Little Flower in Minecraft can be used to stimulate excitement for reading, literacy and art. Located on a dedicated whitelisted Minecraft Server, the expansive color-filled virtual world took hundreds of hours to plan and build. It has a dedicated Creative Space that allows readers to become artists,  urban planners, architects and builders, while exploring their own creativity. Young readers are encouraged to use their imaginations and virtual design skills to enhance their Little Flower learning experience.

Free access to the server is offered to teachers and classrooms that purchase Little Flower Novelette Curriculum Development Guide packages.

Interactive Game

The Little Flower Dream Gallery is the primary interactive game within the virtual world. Game content based on the book, The Language of Flowers, by Kate Greenaway, is designed to teach students the meaning of flowers, several of which are referenced in The Little Flower Novelettes. Videos demonstrating interactive gameplay can be view through the Game Menu link of this website.

Minecraft is an open-ended, exploration-based video game that lets players modify the world around them in any way that they can imagine. Players begin in an empty, barren world, and have to gather and mine various materials, while gathering food and fending off attacks from monsters, to survive. There are no goals and no rules. Players are only limited by their imagination and creativity. It’s what gamers call a “sandbox game.”

A few months ago, Scientific American declared, 
 “… not only is Minecraft immersive and 
creative, but it is an excellent platform for
 making almost any subject area more 
engaging.” That, however, was old news to many schools that are using Minecraft as a teaching tool because children LOVE IT! In fact kids love it so much that in 2014, just five years after a Swedish game company launched it in 2009, Microsoft purchased Minecraft for 2.5 Billion Dollars. Now, that’s a whole lot of love!

Many schools suggest that Minecraft can also help teach numerous subjects both with and without adult involvement, and that learning in Minecraft can be faster than traditional methods of education, as children are often far more motivated, get more practice, and feel that what they are learning is useful.

A couple of examples of Minecraft in schools can be found in Seattle Washington and Los Angeles, CA. Elementary students in Seattle are learning foundational math skills by calculating perimeter, area and volume in Minecraft during a Saturday math program. Middle school students in Los Angeles are learning about major world religions as part of their humanities class. They are visiting sacred sites in their city, researching international sites and then building them in Minecraft.

The Institute of Play produced this video in which educators share their opinions about Minecraft in the classroom.

Visit the Games area of this website for more Little Flower Minecraft videos.