The Little Flower Artist Movie Synopsis


The Little Flower Artist Movie is a 2D (hand-drawn) animated short film inspired by the children’s book, “Where Little Flower Got Her Power” – A Little Flower Novelette by Florita Bell Griffin, Ph.D. The book and short movie are part of the Little Flower® Literacy Project, whose protagonist is an African American girl, named Flori Alicia Bell, who demands to be called “Little Flower.”

Little Flower is an artist who loves painting flowers. Her big imagination gives her an artistic super power that can bring whatever she paints to life. After her personified flowers are painted into existence, they talk to her. Little Flower credits her flower knowledge to reading the book, “The Language of Flowers,” given to her by her mother. The movie storyline is developed around the meanings of three of her favorite flowers, which are associated with memorable incidents that impacted her life.

Little Flower exchanges greetings with the Black Poplar, Mugwort, and Almond Flowers, whose names, according to the book, mean Courage, Happiness, and Hope. During the Black Poplar (Courage) conversation, Little Flower shares the story that forms the plot for the entire entire Little Flower Literacy Project. The story is about the time her good intentioned actions landed her in BIG TROUBLE. According to Little Flower, her new friend Soli, was bullied at school because of her physical disability. Little Flower stood up for her friend by throwing the bully’s book bag in the dumpster. Of course, the adults did not approve and she got in BIG TROUBLE. In the movie, she reflects on how she could have handled the situation differently.

Throughout the movie, two versions of “L I T T L E flower,” which is the Little Flower theme song, are playing in the background. The movie ends with a phrase from the song, “She has the Power To Rule Her Own World.”

The Little Flower Artist Movie premiered at the Green Bay Film Festival on March 4, 2018. It has also been included in the 2018 NYC Animation/Anime Film Festival, and the 2018 & 2019 KIDS FIRST! Film Festivals showing in up to 50 venues.










Green Bay Film Festival

March 4, 2018